Having a beautiful smile not only gives you self confidence, it boosts your self esteem as well. Finding an orthodontist to help give your the smile you want is easier than ever in the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Peter Roth and his experienced staff have 15 to 25 years serving the Los Angeles area. Whether you are located close to the Thousand Oaks Orthodontist office or the Newbury Park Braces office, Dr. Roth has what it takes to create that perfect smile.

Dr. Peter Roth, with more than 25 years of experience, has a friendly, professional staff that are committed to ensuring your dental needs are met and your dental experience is easy and stress free. They provide high quality orthodontic care designed to make your experience a positive one. They not only create a beautiful smile, they use science and art to create a dental plan that encompasses what your teeth and face will look like as you age as well. This makes your smile fit with your facial bones and structure. It enables your smile to grow with your facial bones for a longer lasting positive affect. Dr. Roth knows how society stresses perfection and beauty, but he strives to create beauty with function. Creating a perfect smile while knowing the long term benefits of good dental health is a top priority.

Dr. Roth is a much sought after professional who uses the most advanced dental procedures available. With many plans of treatment available for his patients, He is also able to offer the Damon System and Invisalign. Both of these advanced techniques shorten treatment times while alleviating discomfort. With fewer visits and a shortened treatment time, the Damon System offers one of the best solutions for your dental needs.

The Thousand Oaks Orthodontist office as well as the Newbury Park Braces office approach includes an unhurried direct treatment for each patient. Dr. Roth believes that the attention given to each patient promotes the best focus and care for each individual patient. Each patient’s needs differ, so each plan of treatment must differ as well. With different offices around the Los Angeles area, Dr. Roth’s expertise is available to more people.

All offices of Dr. Roth service children, adolescents, and adults. Family dental needs can be met in on convenient office. Make an appointment at any of Dr. Roth’s offices today. You will be glad you have his expert advise and professionalism. He and his competent staff will help create that beautiful smile you and your family members are looking for. Contact the offices for more information and appointment requirements. Your journey to a beautiful smile is about to begin. Call Dr. Roth’s office today and get started.

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