Are you looking for a treatment to straighten your teeth? As you explore through the options from orthodontics in Paradise Valley, we would like to tell you a bit about Invisalign in Fountain Hills. For many of us, having a straight smile is a dream come true. We dream of smiling, walking down the aisle and observe people falling for our smile, and the dream is shattered into pieces the moment your look at your crisscross teeth in the mirror. Fortunately, you can fulfill your dreams now. Let us help you.

Invisalign aligners are a quick and discreet solution to correct your bite problems. Unlike the conventional braces, aligners are removable, which makes them the best and most accessible choice for your orthodontic issues. While Invisalign in Fountain Hills is a convenient treatment, Invisalign cleaning is something that you need to take extra care of. You may think that the aligners are going to be changed every week, it is okay to not take extra care during the cleaning process, please stay away from such thoughts. If you do not keep your aligners clean, you are hurting the aligners less and affecting your teeth more. The germs and bacteria accumulated in and around the aligners can impact your teeth.

Cleaning your Invisalign aligners

According to orthodontics in Paradise Valley, the most efficient way to clean your Invisalign is by rinsing and brushing your aligners with lukewarm water and using Invisalign crystals specially made to clean the aligners.

Use the Invisalign crystals, and here are the best practices for cleaning your Invisalign.

  • Soak your aligners with cleaning crystals. These crystals are important as they help you get rid of bacteria build up, foul odors, and staining from your trays. Add required crystals in the water and leave your aligners in them for about 15 minutes. Once your remove the aligners from the solution, brush and rinse them with clean water.
  • Brushing aligners twice a day. No matter how many times you remove the aligners for eating and clean them before wearing, you must make sure that your brush your aligners at least twice a day. If you fail to clean your aligners, plaque will build up.
  • Always dispose aligners in their case – Many people have the habit of leaving aligners at any place they want and this habit may damage the aligners. They are transparent and if one is not conscious, one can break the aligners without even noticing it. So, these are your aligners and you must be careful with them.

Here is your chance to take care of your Invisalign Fountain Hills. Read what our orthodontist has to say. Follow all the instructions given and you will get your set of straight teeth very soon.

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