Well, you have had your time with orthodontics in Sacramento and you want to end it here. Nevertheless, you cannot get rid of the treatments so easily. Here is why!

Whether you used Invisalign or braces in Sacramento to move your teeth, your teeth will try to move back to their previous positions. That’s natural, and you really cannot do anything about it. Solution – wear retainers for the prescribed time. When you wear retainers, it will prevent all the difficult orthodontic work done on your teeth for months by stopping your teeth from shifting back. Thus, it is vital to find a new pair of retainers in case you have lost one. Please do not wait for a month and see what happens to your mouth. You need to get into action right now.

Honestly, there is no need to wait for a month because you will start seeing the difference in your teeth within a week. So imagine, what will happen when you do not wear your retainers for a month? The risk of teeth movement increases with the time you spend without the retainers. The shift may not look too significant in the initial days, but it is enough to defer the effect of the treatment.

The types of retainers used after braces in Sacramento

The popular types of braces typically prescribed after braces are:

  • Permanent lingual retainers: They are required in case your teeth are too crowded, spaced, or rooted. These retainers are bonded at the back of your teeth with a wire. You do not have an option to take them out as they are required to be strapped to your teeth always to do their job. You should be careful in maintaining proper oral hygiene with permanent retainers, as you used to do during your braces time.
  • Removable Hawley retainers: These retainers are made of bendable wires or plastic or acrylic. The plastic or acrylic surface snuggles your teeth in a natural and comforting way with the help of the wires. The best part about these retainers is that they are adjustable and removable. So, your orthodontist can easily change their fitting between the treatments. They are also easy to clean as compared to the permanent ones.
  • Plastic retainers: If you have seen Invisalign, you will know what plastic retainers are. They are the most popular types of retainers picked up after braces. They are made of food grade plastic and are invisible to everyone. While they have a short lifespan, they are the easiest to remove and clean.

For more information about your retainers and other treatments of orthodontics in Sacramento, you can reach out to us. Ronan Ryan is author of this article and writes since long time. For further details about Braces in Sacramento please visit the website.

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